From a small farm in Northern Bohuslän

AngoraGarnet is a family business owned by Pernille Silfverberg. It is based and run from the farm Rörmyr located in Northern Bohuslän. It all started with an angora rabbit called Angus.

Our 250 or so Angora rabbits on the farm are the heart of our business and from their wool we produce high quality Angora yarn and knitting instructions with material kits in the form of ready-made knitting kit. Both for our own Silfverberg Design in a simple and elegant design, but since 2014 also the world famous cultural heritage Bohus Stickning in recreated models after originals.

Youngest daughter Randi in a sweater knitted in an angora merino yarn with 25% angora wool, photographed by Karin Björk.

Bohus Stickning

Models recreated from the original Bohus Stickning

Bohus Stickning was all the rage in the 1950s, but began as emergency relief work for stone-cutting families in Bohuslän. Today Bohus Stickning is knitted by knitting enthusiasts all over the world.

On behalf of Bohusläns museum , Solveig Gustafsson has spent 15 years producing knitting kit for recreated models of Bohus Stickning. Pattern diagrams and knitted garments from museum collections have been carefully studied and, as far as possible, in consultation with the original designers. Each pattern is a puzzle of its own - knitted models can be contradictory and pattern yarns are even more difficult to dye so that they are exactly the same as the original yarns. 

In 2014, Pernille Silfverberg, owner of AngoraGarnet, was entrusted to continue the task of developing knitting kit for Bohus Stickning after Solveig Gustafsson. A task we took on with the greatest reverence for the living cultural heritage that Bohus Stickning is.

Cultural heritage Bohus Stickning

The stonemasonry industry in Bohuslän peaked in 1929 with up to 7,000 workers, before almost completely collapsing during the depression of the 1930s. This is how Bohus Stickning began - as emergency relief work for women in the struggling stonemasonry districts of Bohuslän.

Bohus Stickning was active from 1939 to for 1969 and was founded by Emma Jacobsson, the wife of the Swedish Governor. She, along with other pattern makers for Bohus Stickning designed beautiful, patterned garments in angora and lambswool that were hand-knitted by women in stonemasonry families. It eventually became a worldwide success. 


Price list for Bohus Stickning

Current price list for knitting kit i Bohus Stickning Updated with some small changes 3. April 2024, 07:09 Bohus Stickning Capri triangular scarf, photographer: Karin Björk

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