Bohus Stickning Yellow lace collar

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Gula Spetskragen, known in English as "The Yellow Lace Collar", was designed for Bohus Stickning by Karin Ivarsson in 1961 as part of a collection of similar designs, including the Large Lace Collar and  the Pink Lace Collar.

The knitting kit for Gula Spetskragen was developed in 2001 from original charts and garments held in museum collections. The design is  only available as knitting kit for a pullover/cardigan with a round yoke.

The garment is knitted on natural white base in an angora yarn spun from 50% hand-cut angora wool from our own angora rabbits and 50% New Zealand merino wool. The white angora wool in the yarn comes from our naturally white angora rabbits and is not bleached. The pattern yarns are hand-dyed by Pernille Silfverberg to match the original yarns. The yarn is spun in Denmark at Henrichsens Uldspinderi.

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Product description

The kit contains enough yarn to knit a pullover or cardigan in the largest size XL, which corresponds to the garment's measurement of 117 cm around the chest, and instructions to knit a recreation Design of the original Bohus Stickning pattern in sizes from 92 cm for 117 cm. The model can be knitted with an elastic neck or a folded neck edge, both of which are described in the instructions. The kit also includes a printed pattern chart with yarn samples for and 10 pattern yarns to use as reference.

The garment is worked from the top down in AngoraGarnets angora/merino yarn. The patterned yoke for design is worked with up to for three pattern yarns in one round with a knitting tension of 33 stitches/10 cm. Only knit and purl stitches are used. The cardigan is worked back and forth while the front edge for buttons are worked side by side. The jumper is worked in the round on circular needles, then the front and back pieces are worked in stockinette stitch back and forth and seamed to mimic its original construction. Knitting needles are not included in the knitting kit, but typically 2.0 mm-2.5 mm needles are needed to achieve the correct knitting tension.

Pattern yarns for this design are hand-dyed by Pernille to ensure they reproduce the original design.

The buttons on the original garment were mother-of-pearl buttons 12 mm in diameter with two holes and a small notch between them. Buttons are not included in the knitting kit.

Yarns included in the kit

Natural white base color no. 100. Pattern yarns color no. 100, 1S (lambswool), 28, 142, 29, 61, 191, 41, 87, 270 (lambswool).


Bohus Stickning Yellow Lace Collar after original Bohus Stickning
Design Karin Ivarsson for Bohus Stickning 1961
Recreated in 2001 by Solveig Gustafsson and revised in 2016 by Pernille Silfverberg, AngoraGarnet.
Design and Copyright owner of the trademark Bohus Stickning

Bohus Stickning knitting kits are sold exclusively through AngoraGarnet. A small selection of kits are also available from Bohusläns museum shop. The knitting instructions are licensed for individual use only. They may not be copied or offered for sale commercially. Knitting instructions for Bohus Stickning are only sold together with yarn.